User Guide for Gmail and GSuite users

3. Managing Multiple Forms (PRO users only)

NBS PRO users can conveniently create and manage up to 10 forms. Because each form is bound to an NBS Google spreadsheet, you will be able to see up to 20 tabs in your sheet (10 asset management tabs and 10 transaction log tabs).


To Add a Form

To utilize the function, begin by creating the first form and selecting the (+) icon on the right of the main screen. You will then be able design the form. Remember that form names cannot be modified once they are specified.  If you have already named it and wish to rename it, you will need to change the form name, delete the form and re-create it.

Once the form design is complete, you may view multiple forms in the drop-down menu as follows: You can also select the form for barcode asset management and then proceed with the scan activity.


To Delete a Form

To delete a form, simply click the 'Edit Form' button on the main screen. Then, just click the 'Manage Form' button at the top right of the form edit screen.


If you would like to delete the form, press the 'Delete' button. However, if the form you want to delete is a different form, click the checkbox to change the main form. NBS should be connected to at least one main form in order to make deleting the secondary form and not the main form possible.  


When the form deletion is completed, all the sheets that are connected to the form are deleted and disappear as shown below.