User Guide for G Suite users

2. Accessing NBS

Launching the Netkiller Barcode Scanner application through G Suite requires installation to be completed by the G Suite Super Admin.

2-1. Install NBS through G Suite Marketplace

Go to G Suite Marketplace and click + to install the app. Here, the G Suite super admin can install the application. If there are multiple domains on G Suite, your G Suite super admin of primary domain has to install the app.

2-2. Select accessible user(s)


Upon the installation, admin can login to the app at and click 'Manage Users' menu to assign accessible users to the application. Select user(s) and click 'Save/Update' to apply changes. Only Admin can view and access the Manage User console. To revoke user access, uncheck the box for the user.







The Admin can design a form to prompt users to fill out the form each time a barcode is scanned. For instructions on how to create a form, proceed to section 3. Setting Up Form.

2-3. The Admin and G Suite users can access from either a desktop or mobile device.

Launch the Netkiller Barcode Scanner application. The application can be accessed a few ways from either your desktop or mobile device.

   1. Access from Desktop

  • Install Desktop Launcher for PC & Mac

  • From your desktops and laptops, you can directly go to the application with
    our web address link: or
    short url

    • Note: Desktop version of NBS works with a Laser Barcode Scanner.​

   2. Access from Mobile Device

  • If you have installed NBS 3.0 app, just launch NBS 3.0 on your smartphone.

  • For NBS 2.0 installers - From your mobile browser, you can directly go to the application with our web address link:

    • Note1: Mobile Scan app installation required. If you haven't installed it, go to Step 1

    • Note2: You may can create a shortcut in iPhone or Android.

When launching the application, the Netkiller Barcode Scanner will request access permission to your Google Drive. To successfully launch the application, click [Allow].

Scan this NBS QR code on your phone.